Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New size backplate: TFX

By request, I've created a PSU backplate for the TFX form-factor. This would replace the power supply for cases that take TFX power supplies such as the IN WIN BP-Series BP671.200BL.

Here are some pictures:

This form factor is too small for a fan but there's room for either a single or three hole jack to be mounted.


  1. Looks good. But how do I order the TFX size? It's not under the available configurations drop-down. Thanks.

  2. This item is out of stock and will likely not be restocked.

  3. Is there still no way to get this?
    If not could you recommend another way to cover the hole? Maybe cardboard or something =\

  4. We still make the ATX and SFX but the TFX all of three people ever wanted one :(