Saturday, March 31, 2012

HT80 and Titan DC-155A915Z/RPW 95mm "Z-AXIS" CPU Cooler

I rebuilt my reference SFF HTPC using the HT80 and a new low-profile CPU cooler, the Titan DC-155A915Z/RPW 95mm "Z-AXIS" CPU Cooler.

The Titan is 7mm shorter than the Silverstone NT07-1156 coming in at  only 30mm. To me the noise characteristics are pretty much the same as the stock Intel heatsink but not as quiet as the NT07-1156. Still, you have to be within 3 feet to hear it.

In the HT80, the G620/H61 with picoPSU, 64GB SSD, 250GB 2.5" HDD running with Prime95, climbed to around 130F. The Titan did a good job of keeping everything cool.

I was also happy to discover the picoPSU jack works fine with the jack hole in the HT80. As you see the Titan's just a little bit shorter than I/O shield -- perfect for a SFF HTPC.

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